How Can You Have Confidence in Knowing That What You’re Getting is From the Inner Knowing?

Q: For someone to be able to make use of Inner Knowing do they have to have a certain degree of confidence in knowing that what they’re getting is from the Inner Knowing?

Practice is what helps build that confidence and provides validation over time. So it’s duration plus positive experience.

In the beginning, working with the Inner Knowing is like building a muscle. But this is a very different kind of muscle because it’s invisible and the results are, to a degree, intangible. It’s not like if you lift weights, you can visually see you’ve developed a muscle. When you develop an intuitive or spiritual muscle, it’s invisible and it’s hard to get feedback to know that “Oh yes, that was right” rather than “Oh yes, I was right.”  It’s not you; it’s a knowing that comes from out of the blue. So, it’s not that you know this, rather knowing enters your consciousness. And then you recognize it. It’s a very different way of experiencing knowledge because you can’t book-learn it.

The insecurity that people have are questions like “How do I know whether I’m making it up and I’m just fooling myself? How can I be sure it’s not the devil or something evil?

The first thing you want to do is look at the content you’re getting. Is it just wish fulfillment? Is it you and it’s a cognitive bias? Is it just reaffirming what you already think and that’s a pattern-recognition thing? Or is it something that has a degree of wisdom and value to it?

We all have that subconscious angel/devil–on–the–shoulder voice we all carry within us. And, if we’re healthy, we can all easily tell those subconscious voices/needs from our own. Don’t let those kinds of thoughts enter.

It’s very important in the beginning to access the Inner Knowing through mindfulness, through meditation because you’re setting the stage and the conditions for the experience that you want to have happen.

You’re not saying All-ee, All-ee, in free –anything and everything that’s around come on in. You’re being very specific that you want to connect with this Inner Knowing, this all-that-is knowingness that is going to help enrich your life and help guide you along your spiritual path.

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