Q: In Addition to Meditation, What Are the Other Secrets to Getting to a Place of Stillness and Peace?

Q: In addition to meditation, what are the other secrets to getting to a place of stillness and peace?

It is all the same. The process toward that end is all the same. It is learning how to stop time. When one can stop time, this is the meaning of being in the Now.

It is not a matter of saying OK, now I am in this moment of Now. That is not the Now.

The Now is a timeless place of being. Where all is. From the timeless place of being, in that all is, in that union, one becomes aware of the connection to All That Is. And so is able to begin understanding the communication from the All That Is.

It starts very gradually in what appears to be linear ways. Exercises can be set up to cause these types of experiences. To fully observe a flower until one merges and becomes the flower. This can be done through any and every sense.

Releasing the desire for control and accepting the presence of the timeless Now, where all is, without separation, is the true purpose of meditation.

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