Remedial Potty Training

2 dogs sleeping in a crate We’ve had a little back-sliding going on with potty training.

Before we got Kenzie, I made sure that Riley was solid with going outside. He would go to the door when he needed to go. And if I wasn’t right there, he’d ring the potty bells I have hanging on the door.

And Riley did a lot of the heavy lifting with helping to potty train Kenzie. Simple case of monkey-see-monkey-do.

But lately, we’ve been having some mishaps late at night. So we’re backing up and slowing down.

This means both dogs are crated at night now (the door closes when lights are out). This way, when one gets restless to be let out, I will be sure to wake up and get them both out.

Once I find out who the backslider is, then only that dog will need to be crated until we’re back on track.

Good thing I have washable rugs…

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