Out of the Mouths of B abes

As I struggled to make it through the Holiday hoopla with a good attitude, I had a momentary lapse during an especially tiresome gathering.

Briefly moving away from the crowd, wanting to catch a second wind, I stepped outside, looked up at the stars, and quietly sighed, “God help me…”

Cait, never more than a few inches away from me in these kinds of social situations, and not missing a beat, said, “God can only help when there’s a problem, Mom.”

My daughter’s astute words shocked me right out of my funk and cracked me up laughing. I readjusted my attitude, went back in, and had a fine old time.

5 thoughts on “Out of the Mouths of B abes”

  1. Hi Justin. Our crew is all in good health and good spirits. Thanks for asking. I see your kitties are just fine as well. That’s always a good thing!

  2. Happy New Year to you n your family. How are your pets doing?? My pets are absolutely fine still in a holiday mood! hehehehe

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