The Morning Routine

Cait’s and my morning routine goes something like this:

I get up around 4:30 a.m., go downstairs, get the coffee going, let the dogs out, go back upstairs with coffee and dogs, and write for a few hours. Then I wake up Cait, get her breakfast, sit and chat with her while she eats, wait for the first bus to go by (which means there’s exactly five minutes until her bus will arrive), double-check that she has everything she needs for the day, kiss her upturned face good-bye, start up the stairs to get a little more writing in, have her run back for one more kiss, and then watch the door close behind her.

Then I make my way back to my desk to finish whatever I’m working on before I head into the office or on to other things.

But this morning, Cait has added something a little extra. I sit at my computer, reboot the screen, and this is what’s looking back at me.


I love you Mom!!!


That, right there, is one of the big reasons I keep looking forward to each new day!

9 thoughts on “The Morning Routine”

  1. Sweet–but can I add that I’m amazing that you get up at 4:30? That’s a painful time to be out of bed.

  2. So sweet! What a great relationship you two have. My kids tend to leave messages on my Palm and I don’t think I could ever erase them.

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