Three Key Components to Finding the Inner Teacher

There are three key components to finding the inner teacher. It is truly this simple. Stop. Look. Listen.

The stopping is stopping the craziness of modern life. Stopping habits that keep you trapped in behaviors that you know are nothing but time wasters. Stop using your phones as a pacifier. Stop running around looking externally for the outer world to fulfill you in any lasting way. Stop hectic lifestyles.

Part of the stopping includes beginning the process of meditation, which will help calm the body and the mind. Because stopping for most people, if they were to stop all at once, would be the equivalent of crashing into a wall at 60 miles an hour.

Looking is becoming observant and noticing. Spending time in nature. Paying attention to people. What you feel from them. What you see. Rather than what they are telling you. Look at everything as though it is the first time you are seeing it. Truly. Not where you say to yourself, “OK, I pretend this is the first time I am seeing this.”

Rather, really, in full paying attention, you will experience what you are seeing as the first time you are seeing it. Within that seeing, there will be an elemental awareness of a connection to what you are seeing. An awareness that there is a shared beingness within that seeing.

And if you practice seeing long enough, you will see that on an energy level there is no separation. And ultimately, you will see on a God level—all is truly one.

This kind of profound seeing can happen in an instant. It doesn’t take massive practice. It does take massive intent. “My intention is to see. Fully see. All as it is. Not as I remember it. Not as I have been told about it. But to fully see.” It is a very profound exercise that will bring profound results.

By stopping and calming down, this allows your ability to see—to open up and magnify. Because only in quiet and stillness can one truly look. And through seeing, there is an awareness that communication is happening from everything with everything, all the time. And so the instinct then says listen. Because there is a hearing that happens within the seeing.

“I hear your intelligence. I hear your life force running. I hear what you need, what you give, what you’re here for.” And in that hearing, there comes a complete sharing where there is an awareness that what you are seeing and have now come to hear, also sees and hears you.

This is not abstract or new-age nonsense. This is penetrating through all the illusions to the place where there is only One. That One sees. That One hears. And while you believe you can separate out the seeing and the hearing, that is also an illusion that eventually will get dropped. But in the beginning, this is how you find the inner teacher.

The inner teacher is that which desires to communicate, to share wisdom and awareness, insight and truth. There is an entwined compassion within the hearing/listening. Telling/voicing. There is a love and complete acceptance.

This is one of the ways you know whether it is just your scolding voice inherited from parents, society or wherever, telling you you’re not working hard enough, doing enough, capable enough. That is not the inner teacher. The inner teacher is not a scolding or judgmental voice.

In fact, it is not a voice at all. It is you who will translate it into a voice and give it words. It is entirely telepathic. But in order for the brain to comprehend it, it instantly translates into words what the body can understand. That is not to say the inner teacher will not speak the truth. And sometimes that truth can feel hurtful. The intention is not to hurt. It is the receiver who’s translating it into hurt. It is simply the awareness of what it is that is being shared. And what is also includes all time.

The inner teacher is incapable of saying anything with the intention of harm. So if what you are hearing/translating feels harmful, it is not the inner teacher.

Don’t be quick to turn the inner teacher into a Guardian Angel or your personal guru. It is not religious in nature. But you can turn it into that by how you translate. Do not be quick to name the inner teacher. Including asking for a name or giving a name. The inner teacher is not a person. It is a greater awareness that is available to everyone all the time.

The reason you have to stop first is because the inner teacher won’t speak when you are rushed.

You have to look to remember to connect with everything around you. In the connecting, you will become aware of a profoundness of being.

And in that beingness- you will know to listen. And in that listening, the all-that-is intelligence/awareness is always present. Is always willing to share. And in that sharing, your “Self ‘will be revealed to you more fully.

And within that revelation, you will be changed. And in that change, your external life will begin reflecting more fully who you are. Which will influence how people respond to you, as well as the choices you make going forward.

Many people will be attracted to the inner teacher in the same way they are to tarot cards or astrology, or any other divination method. “Give me a quick fix. Show me something to give me hope or cheer me up. Or help me ward off difficulties coming. Tell me the inside scoop, so I can get the inside track to get ahead.”

None of that is the inner teacher. That is the subconscious talking to the conscious. That is other people’s voices with all their cultural influences. It is not the inner teacher. The inner teacher will never communicate in a way that separates, isolates or divides. Or places one higher and one lower.

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