Truer Words Were Never Spoken

We’re in the countdown hours until Cait leaves for college. I’ve been trying to hold onto every moment.

Apparently, I haven’t been too subtle about it.  While stopping at our favorite ice cream place as part of our end-of-summer rite, I was yet again asking my daughter where she was off to next and when she would be returning home.

She looked at me with a wistful smile and said, “Mom, you’re never going to be able to store up enough to fill the void, no matter how much time we spend together…”

Somebody just shoot me now please.

6 thoughts on “Truer Words Were Never Spoken”

  1. The day I moved my daughter into her college dorm four years ago, I knew instantly I had not read her enough books when she was little, we hadn’t had enough ice cream together, we didn’t hang out enough in her blanket forts, and I felt the searing pain that told me time just went by too fast. Of course, in reality, I had enjoyed doing all of those things with her, many many times over, it just felt at the moment like I hadn’t captured enough warm fuzzy moments with my girl. But I did. And so have you. And they come back home. All the warm fuzzies come flooding back, and there you are, laughing, watching a movie with your girl on the couch, with a bowl of popcorn, and she’s back home, wanting to be your little girl again…though she won’t admit this. Then she’ll want you to make chocolate chip cookies for her.

    You’ll smile, knowing all’s right with the world again.

    1. Thanks Cindy. What a thoughtful, eloquent way of putting it! But I think I’m at least a few weeks away from that realization. : )

      Here’s what Cait texted me this morning. She’s got my number!

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