Why Are People So Attracted to the Harry Potter Story?

Q: Is the Harry Potter story popular because people are interested in the good and evil story?

No. People are interested in the magical world and supernatural powers. Children like to fantasize about being powerful and having magical, wishful thinking become reality, as Harry does. The resonance is not to good and evil, but to the magicalness of life that people wish was there and sense somehow could be, should be there, but don’t know how to experience it on their own.

Q: Of course, there’s a difference between magical thinking and spiritual thinking.

Magical thinking is the forerunner of spiritual thinking. It’s the immature understanding of spiritual laws. But it is what often entices people to begin down the road of true spiritual thinking. It’s a stage that most people need to go through. It is the allure that brings them to the beginning of their true search.

Q: How does one move from magical thinking to become more of a spiritual thinker?

The beginning path is all about gaining power. The power to know about others or the future, the power to control your own or someone else’s mind, the power to influence nature. Eventually, you’ll realize there’s really no meaning in any of that. It’s a kind of trap.

Still, the draw to intuition represents a point of no return on the spiritual journey. Once you’ve reached that point, you can never go back. The only way out is to grow through the intuition and use it for clarity until you come to spiritual beingness, which is ultimately about powerlessness. When you reach that stage, you realize that power falls on the side of destructive energy. Spiritual growth is on the side of creative energy.

In spiritual clarity, one wants nothing to do with power. One wishes to simply exist and experience the All-That-Is. Once one reaches that stage, the motivation for power is gone, because the thing that craves power is gone. The ego is gone.

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