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Having just talked about dogs overheating yesterday, it was serendipitous to find this post over at Dog Gone Blog today.

Jenn had asked about solutions to keep her dog from tipping over his water dish outside. Well here it is! Lixit Dog Waterer. I love brilliant, simple solutions. And this is a great one for keeping your dog in cold, clean water all summer long.

You just screw on the Lixit Faucet Dog Waterer to an outdoor faucet or hose, and turn the water faucet on. Then just show your dog how to lick it to release fresh, cold water. It basically works like a ball-check valve, so it automatically closes itself off when not in use. carries the Lixit Faucet Dog Waterer for $5.99! Gotta love a bargain to boot!

7 thoughts on “Automatic Lixit Dog Waterer”

  1. I had one of these for years–the only drawback was that my outside faucet was in the sun and it heated the Lixit and the water up to almost boiling! (Or so it seemed!) My lab got really scared to lick it in the summer when he needed the water most….even though I tried to protect the faucet from the sun. It still heated up…..just not as much. It was great on cloudy days and definitely in the fall/spring/winter!!

    Thanks for sharing this information. My outdoor faucet is in the shade so I never would have thought of this. 

  2. I only wish my faucet was in my back yard and not along the driveway where it’s NOT fenced.

    Very cool product! I’ll have to remember this for the next house.

    M dogs refuse to drink out of a bowl that has been slobbered. I’m forever emptying water bowls… this would do the trick!

    You could get a hose and run it to the back yard and attach the Lixit to that. Then just hang it off of something so they could easily lick it.

  3. Great product! Also, for giving water to your dog while on hikes, I found a neat bowl made from fabric called “Outward Hound”. Isn’t it a great name? :)

    A very clever name — and another good idea. :)

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