Are Bark Collars Safe and Humane?

You have a barking dog that just won’t stop. You’re at your wit’s end and you’ll try anything. Or you’re looking for a quick no-training method. Are bark collars the safe and humane solution?

[Video was removed from YouTube.]

Nuf said about that.

Instead, take a couple of minutes and try this method to get your dog to stop barking. Works like a charm. If you don’t want to wind up with a neurotic dog, there are no shortcuts.

3 thoughts on “Are Bark Collars Safe and Humane?”

  1. Brilliant! Thanks for sharing this one. I’m passing it onto the training communities I’m in. I know they’ll love it.

  2. I firmly believe that people should have to wear most of the “devices” we employ on our animals for a length of time before we use them on our pets.

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