If You Were Only Allowed Five Songs

I’ve been tagged by Rory at Hamelife to do this meme.

“If you were only allowed five songs, what would they be? Take five, and only five, that you would happily hold onto if all the rest of your music was demanded from you.”

I used to love music… This is actually a really hard meme for me because the older I get, the less I’m able to listen to music — or even watch TV. I know it sounds hokey, but it’s true. I don’t like anything that works to subconsciously manipulate my mood; it really bugs me. I can only listen to music sparingly and I haven’t turned my car radio on in years. The only TV I can watch are those shows that aren’t working to pull my emotional chain, like HGTV, or the Food Network, or… you get the idea. I’m sure there’s a name for someone who has become so sound-sensitive, I just don’t know what it is.

But I do have favorite sounds that I would never want to do without, so I’m hoping these will do.

  1. My daughter’s laugh.
  2. Bird song.
  3. A babbling brook.
  4. The wind.
  5. Silence.

Oh, okay, not to be totally pathetic, I’ll pick one song. Buffalo Girls. :)

Now, for passing the torch to five others… And, guys, don’t worry, if you don’t’ want to play, no problem. And if anyone wants to play that I haven’t mentioned — join the fun!

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Girl and Dog at Dog is my CoPilot

Mosilanger at BooBoo Ginga and the World of Dogs

Bob at Bobbarama

and last but not least, Meredith at Poppy Fields

10 thoughts on “If You Were Only Allowed Five Songs”

  1. Hmmm… I don’t think I could do that! Pick just five songs… Well, a month or two ago, my favorite song was Face Down by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (If you listen to it, you can kinda figure out about how old [or young, as the case may be] I am =D). Right now, my favorite song is Travelin’ Soldier, by the Dixie Chicks, a week ago my songs were No Good Deed, Defying Gravity and Popular from the musical Wicked. So my five would be changing all of the time, which kind of defeats the purpose. It is an interesting thing to think about, though… I also liked how you listed sounds instead. That gave me real insight into what’s important to you. Happiness and your daughter (your daughter’s laughter) Nature (A babbling brook, the wind, and bird song) and peace (silence). I think that I would like you if I were to ever meet you. The fairy trail hike entry also helped me make that decision. Anyway, that’s all!

  2. Ohh Karen! What amazing imagery your post brought back. I remember back to the times when one of my babys’ smiles or giggles constantly brought an answering smile or giggle to everyone around them. I miss that sometimes, although there are wonderfully memorable moments that make up every day! Thanks for the flood of amazing memories!

  3. This will take some thought…I read this and thought yeh…I can nail this quickly. Then ALL these songs came rushing in and CORTEX OVERLOAD! My girls’ first laughter has got be one of those sounds…just makes me smile to remember. :)

  4. When babies first learn to belly-laugh, that hearty, from the gut laugh, it’s the cutest sound. ANd their little hiccups are sweet too. Nearly every sound is sweet–even a newborn’s tiny wail. Older kids that can really put out the amps aren’t at the top of the list, but a newborn sound is sweet.

  5. Rory, it’s a meme with definite potential… :)

    Teetotaled, that was great!!! You got all the bases covered and even got one in there for your hubby! LOL

  6. Wow only 5 songs?! That is really hard.
    The sounds I have a much easier time with. But to give myself a little early Friday challenge here is my top 5 songs off the top of my head :-)
    My goal would be to keep 5 songs that all inspire different moods.
    So I would keep one classical piece – Madame Butterfly.
    A dance song to keep things upbeat, Beyonce’s Crazy in Love.
    A love song…ohh this is hard…Smoke gets in your eyes.
    My favorite church hymn – Here I am Lord.
    And one song for my husband just in case he needs a spare for his 5 – Pearl Jam’s Breathe

    How’s that?

  7. See, see how it just pulls back the curtain a little more. That’s a touching reveal, Karen. And, trust you to give it even greater weight and gravitas!

    Your five are wonderful. And so apt because no one can ever really take them away.

    Thanks for doing that, and passing it on. I wonder if it will catch…

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