My New Dog

beagle Meet Bob. My new dog.

He’s a pound puppy. Well, actually a pound old man; he’s around 8 years old. And he’s sweet as can be.

I know I said I was going to wait at least a year but…


I sort of am still waiting.

Bob is a dear friend’s dog that we’re dog-sitting for. Her usual standby wasn’t available and she had a terrible experience trying someone on (Not all Rover experiences turn out poorly. You … Read more

How to Safely Contribute to Ukraine

IFRC logoIf, like me, you feel the need to do something, here is a legitimate and safe way to send money to help the Ukrainian people.

You can donate money right from The International Red Cross – Ukraine Relief Efforts website.

Sadly, there are a lot of scam sites that are collecting money using the Ukraine crisis to lure people. Doing a little fact-checking, this is what I found about the ICRC. The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) … Read more

On a Clear Day…

You can see clearly.

Just upgraded my iPhone to 13. My old phone died so I had no choice. Cluelessly, I went to do this on launch day. What a zoo! That’s a story for another time.

country landscape

Anyway, one of the brags of this version is the quality of the camera. This shot is unretouched. I have to say, not bad!… Read more

Airlines New Bait & Switch Scheduling–I’m Talking About You American Airlines

The airline industry continues to sink to new lows over recent years. Shrinking seats, shrinking legroom, shrinking services. Pay for bags, pay for food, pay for sneezing. Price increases as soon as you do more than one flight search.

Yeah, pretty sleazy. Just when you think they couldn’t go any lower…

I’m calling out American Airlines here because of my direct experience, but apparently, this has become yet another common sh*tty practice they all do.

Net effect: A flight that Read more

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