Airlines New Bait & Switch Scheduling–I’m Talking About You American Airlines

The airline industry continues to sink to new lows over recent years. Shrinking seats, shrinking legroom, shrinking services. Pay for bags, pay for food, pay for sneezing. Price increases as soon as you do more than one flight search. Yeah, pretty sleazy. Just when you think they couldn’t go any lower…

I’m calling out American Airlines here because of my direct experience, but apparently, this has become yet another common sh*tty practice they all do.

Net effect: A flight that was supposed to be 12½  hours turned into 21½ hours without warning.

Following are just of few of the last-minute changes on a recent flight, and I do mean LAST MINUTE.

It was going to be […]

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Finnegan Prince Skye Shanley

April 30, 2005 – June 1, 2021

Finnegan has been a cat like no other. He came for Cait and, until the end, was true to her.

She was the one who gave him his name. It took a few tries. Prince was the first try. I said no, that doesn’t suit him. Skye was the second try. I said he’s too dark to be Skye. Finnegan was the third try, which was the charm. That’s how he became Finnegan Prince Skye Shanley. But to those who loved him, he was simply “Finn.”

But he also came for me to teach me about what loving a cat […]

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Border Collie VS Australian Shepherd

Trying to decide between Australian Shepherds and Border Collies?

While there are many similarities, as these breeds both come from the Herding Group, there are also some significant differences.

The following graphic is what the AKC has to say about both breeds:

Border Collies vs AussiesBreaking this all down in real life, what does this mean? What are the differences between Australian Shepherds and Border Collies? Superficially, it means things like both are herding dogs with keen intelligence and an astounding work ethic.

Aussies are a little bit more ruggedly built, they always have a double coat, they have fewer colors from which to choose. Both will shed year-round. Both […]

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Best White Noise Machine

I woke up in the middle of the night last night. Once awake, it can take me forever to get back to sleep. I was dreading the next few hours.

That was until, laying next to me in the dark, I heard Finn purring and Wink snoring.

Best white noise machine ever.

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Tis the Season


Wishing you and yours a safe and happy–and healthy–holiday season.

As 3 feet of snow lay on the ground and the temp is 5 degrees, it makes me think of all of the creatures outside who are doing their best to cope and stay alive. I do what I can to provide sources of food and shelter for them.

Likewise, I am thinking of all of the families who have been hardest hit by Covid and may also be struggling for food and shelter. I have also done what I can to provide sources of food and shelter for them–by donating food, clothes, and money.

This holiday season, if […]

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The Question of the 21st Century

If you’ve been a reader of this blog, it will be no surprise that I’m in the camp that’s happy Biden won. I am also keenly aware that nearly half of our country feels as bereft and depressed as I did when Trump won 4 years ago. I am saddened by this divide.

I think the bigger question is how does America get off this seesaw. Is the political rift so deep and irreparable that we really need to figure out how to become two countries?

Or is there a way back to civility, reasoned discussion, politicians on both sides of the aisle who can compromise for the good of the country and fact-based news instead of info-tainment, so that we can […]

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