What It Takes to be a Successful Writer

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Several people have asked what it takes to be a successful writer. In order to address this question, it requires that I ask a question in return: What is your definition of success? Because there are many kinds of successes–and failures–one can experience in writing. The writing experience can run the full gamut from simply loving something you’ve written, to getting it published, to experiencing writer’s block, to not being able to get a foot in the publishing door.

As I wrote to one of my blog friends, the thing about writing — especially writing with the intention to be published — is that you will fail. There’s no question about it. […]

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Next Wave of Story Telling?

Having spent years both writing books and building websites, I’m always thinking about what goes into making a killer website, and how to tell a gripping story. When I came across this site, I wondered if this is story telling 2.0.

 The BoatAs someone who has a strong foothold in both the no tech and high tech worlds, the high tech part of me thinks this is uber cool. The no tech part of me just wants to read a book with nothing more than a bunch of words on the page, and let my imagination do the rest.

I’d be interested to hear your reactions.

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