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My Dogs and Me

Kiera, Graidy, Wink and Me

So You Think You Want An Aussie?

Much has been said and written about the energy and athleticism of Aussies. And how they are not dogs for everyone. Yet it amazes me how many people with no previous Aussie experience choose not to hear this and get one because they like the looks.

This is our 3-month-old Aussie on a typical middle-of-the-night potty break, after a day full of activities, running, and playing with our other two dogs.

Read More

Arrow Emmett Shanley

Australian shepherd puppy

This girl has been waiting for this dog for more than a decade. She has wanted her own Aussie, really, since Kiera died. And she has been unwavering in that wish.

I have tried tempting her with other animals. And while she deeply loved them, they were not her Aussie. So, she waited and waited. And we looked and looked. And it never worked out.

She had pretty much given up. Life got complicated. There’s never a … Read More

Dog Neutered and Freaked Out Wearing a Cone? Use a Doggie Diaper Instead.

cavalier in doggie diaperRiley is home from neutering surgery and we were told to have him wear a cone so that he can’t lick himself. Even though we got a soft, flexible cone, it made it hard for him to see. And that made him feel nervous and scared. He stayed frozen on the spot. No amount of coaxing or reassuring helped.

The cone lasted 5 minutes. Andrew went and got a washable female doggie diaper one size larger than Riley needed (so … Read More

Sharing Umwelts

2 cavaliers sharing umwelt

When we got Kenzie, it was my deepest wish that she and Riley would form a tight bond, so they could share life with another in the same umwelt. Like me saying to Andrew in wonder, “Can you believe how huge the moon is tonight?” And Andrew saying, “Yeah, pretty spectacular.”

I imagine Riley and Kenzie getting to have those shared kinds of moments. And I expect they will because they’ve bonded more closely than I’d even hoped for. … Read More

Anybody Wanna Take Bets?

Doggie diapers Kenzie is officially in heat at 7 months. Of course, I was hoping she’d go longer, but so it goes.

Actually, I was hoping that she’d hold off long enough so Riley would be old enough to neuter. Yes, I know, I was dreaming.

But anyway so here we are. Doggie diapers. Anybody want to take bets on how long this will stay on? If you guessed longer than a half hour before she wriggles out of it, you lose.… Read More

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