Arrow Emmett Shanley

Australian shepherd puppy

This girl has been waiting for this dog for more than a decade. She has wanted her own Aussie, really, since Kiera died. And she has been unwavering in that wish.

I have tried tempting her with other animals. And while she deeply loved them, they were not her Aussie. So, she waited and waited. And we looked and looked. And it never worked out.

She had pretty much given up. Life got complicated. There’s never a good time really to add a dog when life is complicated.

And then…

And then, Kiera’s breeder’s partner emailed me out of the blue last week. She had Aussie puppies.  She’d be able to drive up in a few days. Was I interested? Do the sun and moon rise and set?

The breeder came with five puppies and Cait spent time with each one. This is the one she chose. Or should I say this is the one who chose her.

And so a new chapter begins. A new Aussie is loved. And dreams do come true.

It’s a very Merry Christmas time at our house! I wish the same for you.

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