Finnegan Prince Skye Shanley

April 30, 2005 – June 1, 2021

Finnegan has been a cat like no other. He came for Cait and, until the end, was true to her.

She was the one who gave him his name. It took a few tries. Prince was the first try. I said no, that doesn’t suit him. Skye was the second try. I said he’s too dark to be Skye. Finnegan was the third try, which was the charm. That’s how he became Finnegan Prince Skye Shanley. But to those who loved him, he was simply “Finn.”

But he also came for me to teach me about what loving a cat could look like. Over his 16 years of life, I went from wanting to strangle him because I am not a fan of most cat behaviors—like shredding my furniture (until I discovered scratching posts) and using my garden for a litter box—to loving him beyond what I could ever imagine. He completely won me over.

I joked that he was our fourth dog because very quickly he became part of our dog pack. He’d do everything our dogs did, including demanding his share of affection and attention. He was always at the center of the hubbub and the dogs also came to love him whole-heartedly. Especially this guy. They became inseparable. Now Wink is the last man standing.

cat and dog on porch glider

cat and dog sitting at table

maine coon & cavalier spaniel

maine coon cat, border collie, cavelier

I’m sure Kiera and Graidy were waiting for you and did a happy dance when you arrived. Now it’s your turn to keep watch over Wink until he joins his animal family once again.

SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Pos

It’s been an amazing ride. God speed, my love.

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