The Future Takes Care of Itself

Q: I find myself obsessed with thinking about the future. Getting lost in dreams and trying to plan for any eventuality. How can I free myself from that?

Let’s use the example that off in the distance, you see a bright light which is quickly covered by darkness, much to your disappointment.

You have two options. You can choose to be disappointed that the light you were shown became covered, or you can be happy that you saw it and continue to enjoy your stroll.

The point is that it isn’t helpful to focus on future outcomes. The light is always there. Worrying over it or trying to keep it in view as the clouds come, go, and sometimes hide it, is a waste of energy. Being and enjoying where you are is what is essential. If you do not enjoy where you are, what makes you think that you will enjoy where you are going? Doesn’t one always spring from the other?

So rather than look to the future to worry about or be happy about what hasn’t happened and living backwards—that is, living through your fears and worries, hopes and dreams, or goals and expectations—why not concentrate on being happy with what you’re doing at this moment? Then you stand far a better chance of being happy with whatever you will be doing when you reach your goal.

This doesn’t mean that you don’t plan. When you stay centered in the moment, you are better able to know what to plan for, what the right steps are to take, and what the right things are to do and say. Living in the Now is the most economical and direct way to accomplish your goals and dreams.

When you learn to live in and enjoy each moment, you learn a simple secret of successful living. By making a daily practice of staying in the now, you’ll make great strides towards achieving a happy, satisfying life and lasting success.

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