Good Thoughts Appreciated


Kiera is going in for surgery this morning to remove a growth on her gums.

Please send good thoughts for a speedy recovery and a benign biopsy.

6 thoughts on “Good Thoughts Appreciated”

  1. Karen

    I am surrounding Kiera with pure light and love tonight. May your beautiful girl come through this unscathed……from our lips to God’s ear. And so it is……

  2. Annapolis Cosmetic Dentist

    Just found your site, accidentally from looking for some dental terms… Wow, hope everything works out. I know a couple of vets and they usually say that the procedures go very well and the “human” is the one who seems the worse for wear…of course, hopefully the biopsy is benign so that you can just move forward.
    Nice site, think I’ll check it out. :)

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