A Year of Firsts

Time flies when you’re having fun. And Cait has been having loads of fun with her little boy. Hard to believe he’s one year old!


Our very first meeting.

Wink (then named Casey) was a little shy and oh so tiny.


First day home.


First bath.


First all animals together in the same room.


First free play with Kiera and Graidy.


First snow.


First Happy B’day little guy!

Wishing you many more.

14 thoughts on “A Year of Firsts”

  1. How cute he looks! Specially in the first photo.
    Some people say we should only adopt adult dogs, but if you look at this little guy in the first photo. Who can resist his puppy eyes?

  2. Dear Karen, Cait and Wink – Happy Birthday Wink from your canine mom and sister Tierney and Piper and myself and Matt too! Every so often I come to your blog to check on my littlest sweetheart. I am so glad he has such a wonderful home. He looks as spoiled as Piper and she’s pretty spoiled. We just started obedience classes and on Mothers Day we went to our first Dog Match and guess what she won two out of three levels!!! Best Cavalier Puppy and Best Puppy of Toy Group. A Siberian Husky beat her out of Best in Match though. We had a really great time. Thank you again for giving Wink such a good home.

    1. Traci, Happy Bday to Piper too! I can you eventually needing another house to keep all the ribbons from all the titles in Piper’s future! She is a beautiful girl!

  3. Throwback at Trapper Creek

    Oh my goodness, how time flies. I still think of him as a baby! Love the pic with Kiera bringing up the rear!

    1. Nita, I wondered if anyone would notice that Kiera is on duty, and on the verge of rounding him up because he’s heading too far away from her. :)

    1. edj, if you’re ever in the market for a no fuss, no muss dog, Cavaliers are about as easy as it gets. They have great dispositions, are very portable, easy to train — in short, the perfect dog for most families.

  4. Oh Wink, you darling baby! May you live long and happy with your wonderful family, especially with your very own girl who will love you forever and ever and a day!

  5. What a lovely souvenir, as this is our first full day with our new ex-breeding beagle, rescued from a puppy farm, will start our blog like yours. Wink looks lovely, and I particularly adore the one where he peeps out of the foliage and the snow is a classic! Thank you – what a sweet little pooch!

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