If Pets Made New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions are part and parcel of starting out the new year. As friends were talking about their lists, I started wondering what our pets’ New Year’s Resolutions might be.

Here’s a guess at my three fur balls’ resolutions:

Kiera, my Australian Shepherd’s resolution might be: “I will resolve to stop herding my people when they suddenly move too fast and make those herky-jerky motions. On second thought… Nah. Someone’s got to keep the order around here.”

Graidy, my Border Collie mix’s resolution might be: “I will stop my sneak attacks on Kiera and heretofore cease and desist from launching myself off the stairs onto her whenever she comes around the corner. On second thought.. Nah. Look out Kiera, here I come! Geronnnnimo!”

Finnegan, Cait’s coon cat’s resolution might be: “I will stop batting and biting Graidy’s tail, even though it looks more like a cat feather duster toy than a tail! On second thought… Nah, see the way it moves; it has to be a feather duster. No dog’s tail looks like that.”

And what is my resolution? Usually I don’t make resolutions. The way I look at it, every day is another day to try to get it right. But this year, I actually do have one that I can share: I will resolve to be more consistent in the messages I give to you, my beloved animals. “No” will mean “no”, and not “yes” if you keep pestering me. And “yes” will actually mean yes, we can go for our walk right now, instead of in a half an hour when I finish up other things that aren’t really as important as being with you, and you and me spending time outside together.”

Happy New Year everyone! May your year be filled with blessings!

4 thoughts on “If Pets Made New Year’s Resolutions”

  1. Hi Thinker. I enjoyed visiting your blog. Someday you should do something with your writing. Indeed, you are both a thinker and a talented writer.

  2. Resolutions for pets–what a great idea. But I’m afraid I would make the same ones for the same pets every year to no avail.

    Your resolution is a great idea. It is hard to be consistent with pets, but fortunately they are patient with us.

    Happy 2007

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