My Favorite Christmas Present


Go ahead. Laugh. Get it out of your system. I’ll wait.

Yes, I know I look like that guy in the Fargo movie. But I don’t care. This is still my favorite Christmas present, no matter what anybody thinks.

Kiera likes to walk everyday. Regardless of what the thermometer reads. I’m here to tell you — upstate NY gets COLD in the middle of winter. But me? I’ll be toasty warm in my ridiculous looking hat with the fake fur lining, the double layer ear muffs and flaps, and forehead warmer.

Wind chill below zero? Bring it on!

2 thoughts on “My Favorite Christmas Present”

  1. LOL! Gread heads wear alike! My mother, who is also a walker, got this for me.

    Graidy’s first reaction when he saw it was to bark and run out of the room.

    Finn’s reaction was to take two seconds to gauge its size before he decided, yes indeed, he could take down even this large a mouse.

    Cait’s and Andrew’s reaction was, if anyone asked them, they’d claim no relation. :)

    Kiera’s reaction was “Whatever. Can we go for our walk now?”

    For me, it’s simple — when it comes to being out in the cold, warmth always trumps vanity!

  2. HA! OK, yes…I’m laughing!! But it’s because it looks almost exactly like one I had and wore all the time! I grew up in Indiana and the winters there can be really nasty too – and in that kind of weather who cares about fashion! My hat (fake fur of course) looked like an ugly animal died on my head but I was warm!!

    Enjoy your new hat :)

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