Silver Linings and Thanksgiving

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I learned a long time ago that, when I’m paying attention, I can always find a silver lining in the most difficult of circumstances.

The silver lining in Kiera not fully recovering from Vestibular Disease is that it has given me the push I needed to decide to work from home rather than going into the office every day.

As I’ve watched Kiera’s age finally catch up to her big time, I’ve been feeling that I don’t want to be robbed of a minute of the time I have left with her. But in our human-centric world, to admit that I wanted to put my dog before work would be considered odd, if not downright bordering on blasphemous.

We have really great people working for us, and I’ve always tried to set an example for them; I felt that I should be if not the first one in, then the last one out. After all, it is Andrew’s and my business. And even though it really bothered me to leave my beloved dog, especially for this past year, I forced myself to do my best to maintain that standard.

But in fully facing that Kiera is living on borrowed time, it made me realize that the example I want to set for my employees is that it’s also vitally important for us to do what’s in our hearts.

I believe that family should always come first–whether that family is human or animal. And I believe that there is always a way to work it through while remaining responsible to work. Even though we’d always given our employees that permission, I felt it was my job to hold down the fort.

The only fort I want to hold down now is the one for Kiera. And now I can. I telecommute while getting to have Kiera laying on my feet. And we get to wander around the yard together whenever either one of us needs a break. And, most importantly, she feels safe knowing that she has me right by her side to make sure that, with her failing eyesight, she doesn’t fall or get lost in a corner of a room or somewhere outside. She expresses her relief and gratitude to me daily.

For the many blessings I will count this Thanksgiving, being home now with my girl will be at the top of the list.

Do you have any silver lining blessings you will be counting this Thursday?

6 thoughts on “Silver Linings and Thanksgiving”

  1. Just wanted to update you. My boss couldn’t have been more understanding and supportive. Aside from having to use my own laptop for my work computer, he’s taken care of everything else to get me set up from home.

    I never would have gotten the courage to ask if I didn’t read your post, so a HUGE thank you!

  2. Good luck Sarah! There is always something to be learned from everything we must go through in life. I just had to leave my job of 13 years due to my autoimmune disease. I’am left with no insurance. But I do get to be home with my Son before and after school. I have never been able to do that. I’am grateful I can lay down and rest when I need too. I’am grateful my children are happy and healthy. And lastly, I’am grateful for my dogs. They are herding breeds but they are not too needy. Maybe they know I can’t always walk them due to my health. They are patient with me. I always tell myself there are people in the world who would gladly trade their problems for mine. Life isn’t too bad.

    1. Good luck to you, Dawn! Being left with no insurance and an auto-immune disease is a lot…! That you can find the positive in that speaks volumes about you. I hope your son appreciates what an exceptional mother he has.

  3. Thank you! Thank you! You’ve given me the clarity and courage to give this gift to my 14 year old Aussie who just got Vestibular Disease. Wish me luck talking to my boss tomorrow. He’s a pretty cool guy, so I think I’ll be ok.

    Finding your blog and reading this post is my silver lining this thanksgiving.

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