On the Move

I love nature. And I feel fortunate to live in close proximity to all that the great wilds of the Adirondacks have to offer.

But, um, this is perhaps a tad too close for comfort. Yep, this is a very big black bear sauntering through my mother’s front yard. Thankfully, all dogs were safely inside.

And here’s a lovely doe in the backyard. Both passed through within minutes of each other.

Over the years, we’ve seen more and more of this, as animals continue to be displaced by human encroachment. Guess we’ll be banging pots outside from now on before we let the dogs out.

2 thoughts on “On the Move”

  1. A bear! Oh heavens. I don’t have to worry about bears where I live in Missouri. My main worry is Raccoons and Foxes trying to get my chickens. Our Lab and Pit have the job of varmint control! So, I am always outside with my two little ones (miniature Poodles). A neighbor of ours had one of her dogs attacked by an owl. There is danger everywhere, I guess. We live pretty far out in the country and so don’t see as much human encroachment as others (although more than I would like). Hopefully, I have not rambled to much.

    1. Terri, I am always outside with my guys and keep an eye to the sky too. We have a couple of hawks and owls that would have no trouble carrying off Wink. I hope your neighbor’s dog was okay! Locally, our biggest concern is coyotes and foxes, but I haven’t heard of any dogs being harmed by them. The bear was quite a sight! I’m glad to know there are still plenty of areas where animals aren’t affected yet by humans… : )

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