Because Sometimes Ya Just Need…

…some fresh air.


I can only take so much of being cooped up inside. Didn’t matter that it was only 41 degrees out. I needed some sunlight and fresh air. Not only was I toasty warm with my dogs playing around me, but I finished my proposal too. YAHOO!!!

There’s gonna be some celebrating tonight!

13 thoughts on “Because Sometimes Ya Just Need…”

  1. Johann, you can come and swim in my pond anytime. And you can even shake all over me when you get out — just like my dogs do!

    Mrs. G., those come out once the sun’s gone down. :)

  2. Thanks guys. As much as I love to write, that’s how much I don’t like to write proposals. Proposal writing requires an entirely different skill set than it takes to, say, write a book. So I’m really glad to be done. Now I can get back to the writing I do like.

    Mary Alice, by the way you described your chimnea, I think we do have the same one. We love ours too. Great for late-night marshmallow roastings.

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