Our Third Dog


We got a new dog about three months ago. He’s six months old now. Isn’t he gorgeous?

What? You think he looks like a cat?

Rub those eyes one more time, please, because I’m telling you Finnegan is a dog — through and through. So what that Mother Nature screwed up and put him in a cat’s body; he knows he was meant to be a dog, shoulda been a dog, is a dog in his own mind.

He follows Cait around wherever she goes. When she sits, he likes to lie at her feet. He plays a good game of fetch. When he plays rough-and-tumble with the dogs, he usually wins. He turns his nose up at cat food and prefers to eat with Kiera out of her bowl. He’s never even meowed; he kinda howls and clacks instead. The dogginess just goes on and on.

So, let’s all just shhhh, and keep the C word to ourselves. Finnegan is very happy being a dog. Who are we to try to enlighten him?

4 thoughts on “Our Third Dog”

  1. I am enjoying your blog immensely! So glad you stopped by today and left the nice comment. Your Finn must be my Malcolm’s long lost twin brother…I am blessed with a mainecoon also…And all of Finn’s traits and beautiful look is my Malcolm. I have thought many times this is a dog trapped in a feline! Malcolm fetches…he follows me everywhere…he curls up at my feet…he brings his toys of the moment and plops them in his food dish and our shoes! He even turns his head with that quizzical look that a dog does. He has to be there and check out all the mail and packages when I bring them in the house. He sits on a stool and watches me do my chores in the kitchen. This is THE most amazing and strange and beautiful cat I have been blessed with. My college age daughter found him abandoned as a 5 week old kitten on a street corner. She brought him to me…and through much nursing and TLC we brought him back to health. My husband has never allowed a cat into his life until Malcolm came to us…now they nap together. What is it about these maincoons? These are “it” cats.

  2. Yes, we’re not only very lucky, but extremely relieved it all worked out so smashingly well!

    Given our two beasts, it could have been a disaster.

  3. Ha! I think the only way I could have a kitty would be if he behaved like a puppy. You’re very lucky to have found a dog trapped in a cat’s body ;-)

    Wonderful blog, btw!

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