We got a new dog about three months ago. He’s six months old now. Isn’t he gorgeous?

What? You think he looks like a cat?

Rub those eyes one more time, please, because I’m telling you Finnegan is a dog — through and through. So what that Mother Nature screwed up and put him in a cat’s body; he knows he was meant to be a dog, shoulda been a dog, is a dog in his own mind.

He follows Cait around wherever she goes. When she sits, he likes to lie at her feet. He plays a good game of fetch. When he plays rough-and-tumble with the dogs, he usually wins. He turns his nose up at cat food and prefers to eat with Kiera out of her bowl. He’s never even meowed; he kinda howls and clacks instead. The dogginess just goes on and on.

So, let’s all just shhhh, and keep the C word to ourselves. Finnegan is very happy being a dog. Who are we to try to enlighten him?