Does Job and is Quiet

“Dad, Finn really likes you,” Cait says.

“I like Finn,” Andrew says.

“Finally, an animal you have no complaints about,” I say.

“That’s because there’s nothing to complain about. He does his job (Finnegan-now 9, Mice-0) and he’s quiet.”

“Sounds like a dating ad: Does job and is quiet,” I say. “Kiera and Graidy do their jobs too, you know.”

“Yep. We’ve got one dog who herds anything moving on the ground, one dog who herds anything moving up in the air, and one cat who kills anything moving in the house. We’re covered.”

“Life is good.”

4 thoughts on “Does Job and is Quiet”

  1. Miriam & Habca

    Just stopped by after some time to see I still adore your blog. The last couple of stories have really been lovely again. Thanks!

  2. Oh, yes, bugs–THE most fun. Finn loves playing with all the spiders! Can’t wait to see what games he comes up with when the flies are abuzzing.

  3. I love it! We ended up getting the second German Shepherd that I wrote about on my blog and he is awesome! Very calm and he loves me with a devotion I don’t think my husband and kids have. He balances out my completely spastic, totally adorable other dog. I knew having two animals was going to be great. If only I could get him to quit leaning his 80 pounds on me while we go for a walk. My back hurts today!

    Maine coon cats are so cool! If I were to ever get a cat, which I can’t because my son and I are allergic, that is what I’d choose.

    I love the family comments, glad you have everything covered!

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