Everybody’s Got Something to Say

How it is possible that I’ve wound up with three very opinionated animals?

Andrew tells me to go look in the mirror.

Ha ha, I tell him in return.

Really, it must be something in the drinking water. Because, truth be told, everyone in this household has something to say.

Graidy, my BC mix, says, while balancing on the back of the couch, circus-dog style, There’s somebody going by out front! Sound the alarm! Where’s Kiera?! Kiera, come on, let’s go–we gotta help move ’em along! I’ll do the barking stuff. You do your ‘Moving along’ herding stuff. Oh what a team! What a team! Life is good! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Kiera, my Aussie, says to me in her shrill, I-can’t-believe-I’ve-got-to-round-him-up-one-more-time voice, Thanks mom! One Needy Nellie cat and one NitWit dog. She says to Graidy, Get back in here–now! I’ll let you know when there’s something worth worrying about! She shoots out the door after him.

Finnegan, Cait’s kitten, says while pacing and moaning, Where’s my buds? How come they get to go outside and I don’t? When can you get them back in here? I’m just not gonna feel right (not to mention stop moaning) until they’re back in here.

Cait, my daughter, says, “Mom, why can’t Finn go outside? I’ll watch him.”

Andrew says, “I think Finn should get to go out, and the dogs should be kept inside.”

I say,after a loud whistle, “Kiera, Graidy, come. Inside.” They both come racing back in through the door, looking for pets and play. Finn is happy again because his buddies are back. Cait forgets about lobbying to let Finn out. Andrew goes back to reading the newspaper. I look at the clock to gauge when the next instant replay will be due.

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