Three Ring Circus Around Here

Andrew recently got a taste of how pretty much every day of my life has gone for the last two months. We’re in the midst of some necessary house renovations, which means that workmen are traipsing in and out all day long. Which essentially means countless opportunities for doggie decampment.

Without Kiera to help me keep Graidy and Wink in line, I’ve had my hands full with my two escape artists. It’s pretty much a full-time job.

So when I needed Andrew to switch places with me for the day so I could get some work done at the office, I wasn’t surprised when I got this email from Andrew only a few hours after I’d left.

Graidy is pushing me over the edge… Who needs workmen to open doors? Every time I turn around, Graidy has opened another door, trying to get out. On top of it all they were painting the lines on the road today. All of them stopped in front of the house while I got the construction guys to move their cars, which meant non-stop barking.

The shower stall just arrived in an 18 wheeler.  Jerry and I carried it to the front porch.  I told him maybe we should walk it inside because it might get rained on. He turned around and looked at me:  “It’s a shower stall.”

I’m about ready to have my first beer of the day.

Since Andrew doesn’t drink, I knew this was his plea for me to come home to relieve him. Life with dogs… All in a day’s work/joy for me!  : )


2 thoughts on “Three Ring Circus Around Here”

  1. Ah yes the advantages of a Chihuahua.

    So does Graidy turn on faucets to get a drink? I once had friends whose Lab could turn on any faucet and defeat any toddler proofing system but failed to get the part about turning off the water when he was finished; they gave up, removed all the handles, and placed a small wrench or pliers at each sink.

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