As I try to make my way from one place in the house to another, I now have three animals (instead of the usual two) swirling about my feet. I am reminded of Pig-Pen’s dust clouds (of Charlie Brown fame). Only, while Pig-Pen could move nonchalantly along, unimpeded by his clouds, I must take every step with care so as not to trip over my living eddies.

I’ve learned to shuffle my feet since Finnegan has arrived, because he likes to do figure-8’s through my legs with each step. Graidy likes to walk right in front of me and look back to make sure I’m still coming, lest I get it in my head to suddenly go Poof! and disappear unannounced. Kiera walks right along side, step for step, as she’s done since she was a puppy. Unless, of course, Finn attacks Graidy’s tail, which has been swishing in his face. Which causes Graidy to jump straight up in the air. Which causes Kiera to go into herding mode. Which causes all of them to scramble. Which invariably causes someone to knock into my legs. Which causes my delicate balancing act of merely walking to go straight to Hell in a handbasket.

I clumsily sit down to avoid a fall. Now at face level, all animals are enthusiastically licking and nibbling about my head and shoulders. I start laughing and Kiera jumps to put her paws around my neck for hugs, and knocks me over. All three stand on top of me, looking for any available skin to lick. I’m coughing in a fit of giggles. I feel like the person in that campy sci-fi horror movie, The Blob, who slowly gets ingested into, well, this big flesh eating blob that regurgitates your skeleton when it’s done. As I sink further into the Blob’s clutches, all I can think is, I hope Cait isn’t the one to discover my spit-out bleached white bones…!