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Because It’s Friday and You Should Start Your Weekend With a Laugh

In my non-existent free time, I like to play the piano. And I like to listen to others play, for inspiration.

I think this guy is ridiculously talented.

As I was thinking that I wished I had half his energy, I noticed the first comment.

youtube comment

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Cait Has Serious Puppy Hunger

Cait has intensely wanted her own dog for a couple of years. She knows she can’t have a dog right now— it wouldn’t be fair to the dog. So she does the next best thing and spends hours looking at cute puppy photos and funny puppy videos. I must get at least one of these a week from her. This is the latest. (You’ll have to click thru to post to watch video. No way to set it up to play in excerpt view, sorry.)

I must admit, it did give even me a twinge. Boy, do I miss my Aussie girl.

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How to Cure Post Election PTSD

I don’t know about you, but I’m still reeling from the most distasteful and disturbing election cycle ever. And I’m deeply concerned for the bitterly divisive direction the whole world is taking. As though the Other who does not share our views is not just expressing a different view, but is painted to be Evil and All That’s Wrong With the World. This leaves no room for the opportunity for discussion, compassion, or understanding–never mind zero opportunity for real problem solving. It is madness and we need to figure out how to heal this profound rift.

So while my mind works on what I can personally do to start making this shift, I will leave you with my usual go-to when […]

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Quirky Humor

In my family, we have many hysterically funny people. I’m not considered one of them. In fact, my attempt at humor is often met with–let’s just say, not laughing hysterically.

For example, as a dog person, this cracks me up.

2 german shepherds with signs

It barely gets a half-smile from my family. They consider it low hanging fruit.

The other day, my brother was sharing a joke I told from probably two decades ago that, for some reason, he has remembered as particularly not funny. Yet he recalls that when I told it, I laughed so hard during the telling that I was barely understandable. Guilty as charged. I do laugh a lot at […]

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