New Year’s Resolution

I don’t usually go in for New Year’s resolutions. I figure each new day is another chance to get it right. Whatever the “it” is.

But when I saw this video, it humorously sums up the gist of a major change I’d like to make from here on.  I don’t know about you, but I’m kinda burnt out on mobile everything 24/7. Yep, I have to agree, there is no replacement for holding and reading a real book-book. 

Yes, I … Read more

I Knew This Day Would Come…

I love telecommuting from a home office. I’m not bothered by ringing office phones or distracted by conversations. I love that I can dress for comfort without worry of judgement. And I especially love that I get to have my dogs with me all day long.

But when did life get so hectic that, in needing to run to the store to pick up a few items, I forgot to change out of my slippers? I didn’t even notice until … Read more

The Slippers Tell All

shoes1.jpg You’re thinking those are funny looking slippers, I know. And you’re wondering what a pile of random shoes has to do with telling anything. In our house, this would tell you how many people have been here today.

And what do mismatched shoes strewn about have to do with people entering your home, you might muse. When Graidy gets excited, his natural inclination is to gently grab your hand and lead you into the kitchen. To curb that tendency, I’ve … Read more

Husbands and Dogs

First, I want to thank everyone for your kind, supportive words. It’s been a rough patch and your compassion and sensitivity have been much appreciated. You guys are the best!

One of my favorite dog-loving friends and I were talking about how our dogs have changed our husbands as well. I think it’s safe to say that Kiera is the first dog Andrew ever completely bonded with. And so he’s been just as deeply affected by her loss as I … Read more

I Miss These Days…

With a beloved dog getting ready to move on to the next world, and a beloved daughter getting ready to move on to college, I’m doing all I can to slow down time. I’ve been laughing all morning looking through an old scrapbook. Any parents out there–I thought you could relate to this one.

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Saved by My Dogs

I was in the middle of a really frustrating dream in which I had an important meeting to get to and this well-meaning but bothersome person was causing me more and more problems. Just as I was about to lose it, a big, wet, dog tongue came into the dream and slurped my face. Then another. And another. Until, in the dream, I was laughing so hard that I woke myself up.

Both Kiera and Graidy were huddled on top … Read more