10 thoughts on “Rescue a Human?”

  1. Things are getting easier, but I still think it will be the last puppy. Too much work! We have been lucky as he has been easy to train. Never been in a crate and never chews anything. He is a typical Aussie!!

    1. I know about the feelings of no more puppies… They sure are a lot of work.

      But I have to say, Kiera was completely house-trained in 3 days! Totally–as in no accidents in the house ever, after 3 days. Just crazy! : )

  2. Oh he will be 6 months old next week! He is doing great. We have found a neighbor with a Aussie. During our walks, we get invited in so the boys can play. It’s also good because he is in a different environment. We will be starting puppy classes soon. I have been working on frisbee with him. Just on the catching part as he is too young for big jumping. Of course, he loves it and is good at it!! :)

  3. I make donations and did a transport last week. I have stopped fostering since I got Blue. He needs to be trained before I bring any unstable fur friends in the home. :)

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