The Slippers Tell All

shoes1.jpg You’re thinking those are funny looking slippers, I know. And you’re wondering what a pile of random shoes has to do with telling anything. In our house, this would tell you how many people have been here today.

And what do mismatched shoes strewn about have to do with people entering your home, you might muse. When Graidy gets excited, his natural inclination is to gently grab your hand and lead you into the kitchen. To curb that tendency, I’ve kept a pile of old socks by the back door so he can “put a sock in it” so to speak. (Those have long since disappeared to who knows where.) Actually, what I tell him is, “Go get your slipper” (there really was a slipper many dogs ago), which translates to, put anything you can find in your mouth except a human body part.

Because everyone comes in through our mudroom, where we keep shoes and coats, what Graidy finds easiest to grab is a shoe, any shoe. Once he calms down, he drops the shoe.

Cait wonders why I don’t train Graidy to bring them back. What she doesn’t know is that I’m saving this little trick as a future secret weapon. Let her just try to sneak anybody in the house when I’m not home. The slippers, er, the shoes will tell all…

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