Quirky Humor

In my family, we have many hysterically funny people. I’m not considered one of them. In fact, my attempt at humor is often met with–let’s just say, not laughing hysterically.

For example, as a dog person, this cracks me up.

2 german shepherds with signs

It barely gets a half-smile from my family. They consider it low hanging fruit.

The other day, my brother was sharing a joke I told from probably two decades ago that, for some reason, he has remembered as particularly not funny. Yet he recalls that when I told it, I laughed so hard during the telling that I was barely understandable. Guilty as charged. I do laugh a lot at my own jokes. Because, obviously, I think they are funny.

Anyway, in the telling of this little story, another woman who was there visiting totally got the joke and couldn’t stop laughing. We decided we were both just too brilliant for others to fully appreciate. And then she sent me a file of funny things she’s been collecting. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.

Here are a couple that she sent. While the first one is way not politically correct, it just cracks me up.  You have to understand the difference between the Ebay and Etsy culture to get it.

etsy joke

And this one. Well, as a gardener, it speaks to me. (If you can’t read the sign, it says: Corn Maze. Enter if you dare!)

corn maze


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