Good for a giggle

Husbands and Dogs

First, I want to thank everyone for your kind, supportive words. It’s been a rough patch and your compassion and sensitivity have been much appreciated. You guys are the best!

One of my favorite dog-loving friends and I were talking about how our dogs have changed our husbands as well. I think it’s safe to say that Kiera is the first dog Andrew ever completely bonded with. And so he’s been just as deeply affected by her loss as I have.

My friend, Judy, lost a dog that changed her life not that long ago too, so we do the only thing people can do when they can’t possibly feel an ounce sadder than they already do–they start telling funny stories. And […]

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I Miss These Days…

With a beloved dog getting ready to move on to the next world, and a beloved daughter getting ready to move on to college, I’m doing all I can to slow down time. I’ve been laughing all morning looking through an old scrapbook. Any parents out there–I thought you could relate to this one.

Letter to Tooth Fairy

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Saved by My Dogs

I was in the middle of a really frustrating dream in which I had an important meeting to get to and this well-meaning but bothersome person was causing me more and more problems. Just as I was about to lose it, a big, wet, dog tongue came into the dream and slurped my face. Then another. And another. Until, in the dream, I was laughing so hard that I woke myself up.

Both Kiera and Graidy were huddled on top of me, licking away. I must have been making distress sounds, because that’s the only time during my sleep that they do this.

What a great thing to be woken up from a bad dream to the sound of my own laughter, […]

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What? Do You Guys Think You Live in a Barn?

This morning, Graidy was annoying Kiera, as he often does — he’s a playful goofball and she’s always on the job — so she took matters into her own hands. She pawed open the sliding glass door, and Graidy dashed out to see if there was anything fun outside to bark at. (He’s also easily amused). Okay, maybe that’s not so unusual, since I’ve previously told you that Kiera can open nearly every door in this house. But then she closed the door behind him. I kid you not.

Kiera stood by the door and turned to me with a smile on her face and a wiggle in her butt, happy to be relieved of her pest. But Wink (my Cavalier)… […]

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Yeah… No

I was raised by a father who taught me how to be creative, resourceful, and self-reliant. There’s little I can’t fix and not much that I can’t build–up to and including completely renovating a house by myself.

All the tools in the garage (and there are lots) are mine. In other words, I’m handy. And I love to invent things and improve on things that are less than perfectly designed.

Which also makes me a little bit of a gadget freak. I’m always looking for the next perfect tool or solution. So I thought I’d create a separate category for reviewing products that I’ve tried. Some will be fantastic and […]