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So You’d Like Me to Hitch Hike

“Mom, can I take the train in to Boston to go to a Red Sox game with Dan?”

“Just you and Dan?”

(Both kids are only 16. Dan is one of Cait’s many guy friends.)


“How come he’s inviting you and not one of his buddies?”

“They’re all Yankees fans. I’m the only Red Sox fan he knows.”

(What my daughter also fails to mention is that she lives for adventure!)

“Where does the train get in? How far is it from Fenway Park? What route are you going to walk to get there?”

“We’ll just have a couple of blocks to walk from the station and it’s the main drag with lots of stores.”

[I confer with and get encouragement from Andrew’s brother and sister who live […]

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I Seem to be Stuck in Invention Mode

My brother, Eric, and I have had something of an invention contest since we were kids. We’re always thinking and scheming, and we’ve even patented a few. This was my latest, of which my very funny brother was not initially grasping. (Apologies in advance for the slightly graphic nature of our exchange. : )

Karen: That invention in my dream. I remember what it was now — a toilet that uses compressed air instead of water…

Eric: That’s hilarious , compressed air up your hole will kill you! There won’t be anyone around to clean up the mess :)

Karen: No no no!!! Not up your hole! Compressed air to blow everything DOWN the hole. lol. You’re making fun of my multi-billion dollar […]

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My Kindle

Okay, so this shoebox of books I keep in my car isn’t technically a Kindle, but for me it serves the same purpose.  Aside from the fact that my shoebox only holds around six books vs Kindle’s 1,500, it does provide a serviceable selection of reading material at a moment’s notice.

With all the waiting I do for Cait from after-school sports these days, I’m always sitting around with time to spare.  Having a handy book helps pass the time.

Actually, truth be told, I’d love a Kindle. The advantages would be numerous for me — no more rooms full of book shelves, lots of trees saved, all the information I need […]

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Two Essential Questions

A friend with dogs and kids sent me one of those “Been there, done that” emails. It read:

Life really boils down to two essential questions.

1. Should I get a dog? Or…

2. Should I have children?


I’d have to say on behalf of those of us who have “been there and done that,” that  having a dog first definitely helps to develop important skills you’ll need later as a parent.  At the very least, there’s a good likelihood your dog will destroy enough of your furniture so that you won’t care when your kids come […]

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Is Having Three Dogs Better Than Two or One?

[Since Google is sending people here re 3 vs 2 dogs (which I wrote as a fun fluff piece), please also read this more serious post for my honest opinion: What I Really Think About Having 3 Dogs vs 2 Dogs first before you decide.]

I’m often asked if there are benefits to having multiple dogs. I’d have to say it depends on the number of multiples you’re considering. For instance, is having two dogs better than […]

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