Warning Labels

On a recent, rather hot evening, Cait and I were waiting in the air-conditioned car while Andrew volunteered to get everyone ice cream cones. We’d all just finished hitting a bucket of golf balls at the driving range.

Andrew, interested in getting Cait good enough at golf to become a golfing buddy, had been trying to get her to the driving range to practice her swing. Lately, all she’s been interested in is challenging either me or Andrew to badminton … Read more

Got It

For the last few years, whenever Cait’s been in the car with me, I’ve looked for opportunities to teach her about safe driving. I figure if I can slide in little tips and warnings over time, they’ll stick better and become automatic for her when she’s driving. It’s my chance to start her driver’s education early.

On a recent night, it was foggy and raining, which gave me the chance to explain why low beams work better under these driving … Read more

Wanderings — Worst Analogies Ever Written

I am often asked to play the role of book doctor for writer friends whose manuscripts need a little work. I am able to keep charging through, because at least I haven’t come across any of these! If you need a good laugh, go ahead and click.

Here are just a few of the gems awaiting you.

They lived in a typical suburban neighborhood with picket fences that resembled Nancy Kerrigan’s teeth.

He spoke with the wisdom that can

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Training “Quiet” the Brilliant Aussie Way

At dinner, Kiera lies by my chair while we eat. She likes to monitor my eating, as she knows she gets my leftovers when I’m done. If I take too long, she starts “talking” to tell me to hurry up.

Andrew finally gets annoyed and wants me to discipline her to get her to stop being pushy. So I remember Suzanne Clothier’s time-out lesson where you remove the dog from where you are for a few moments to essentially help … Read more


“Mom, why do my eyes squint when I eat something sour?”

“It’s because of a pucker reflex.”

“Do you want some (Sour Skittles)?”

“No thanks, I don’t really like candy.”

“Mom, you’re not very kid-like.”

“I wasn’t very kid-like when I was a kid.”

“I’m a little kid-like, and a little not.”


“The kids on my bus are very kid-like. They had a burping contest this morning.”

“Can any of them burp the alphabet?”

“One kid got to ‘k’.”… Read more

Are Bull Terriers Good With Children?

I know. What am I doing including an article on Bull Terriers? I thought you could use a good chuckle. That and a good friend of mine breeds them. Try substituting your breed’s name and see how much of it would apply to your beloved–unless, of course, you have one of the smaller, delicate breeds.

The following story titled “Are Bull Terriers Good With Children?” by Peggy Arnaud appeared in The Bull Terrier Club Of South Australia magazine in February … Read more