“Mom, why do my eyes squint when I eat something sour?”

“It’s because of a pucker reflex.”

“Do you want some (Sour Skittles)?”

“No thanks, I don’t really like candy.”

“Mom, you’re not very kid-like.”

“I wasn’t very kid-like when I was a kid.”

“I’m a little kid-like, and a little not.”


“The kids on my bus are very kid-like. They had a burping contest this morning.”

“Can any of them burp the alphabet?”

“One kid got to ‘k’.”

“Not bad.”

11 thoughts on “Kid-Like”

  1. Hmm, I guess I wasn’t very kid-like either. Didn’t get the attraction of burping contests. Still don’t. Everyone burps. I’d rather do something interesting like look for salamanders or climb thirty feet up a tree and hang upside down from a branch while my elderly neighbor – the one with the heart condition – was watching.

    Shine On,

  2. Soccer Mom in Denial

    Ugh – I’m with your daughter on this one. I hate burping contests. I guess in that department I wasn’t very kid-like.

  3. Burping the alphabet? LOL! I’ve never heard of that before!

    I’m guessing you didn’t grow up with brothers…? :) 

  4. When I was a kid I could burp on demand. It gave me real status.

    I couldn’t burp on demand, but I could whistle with my fingers. That was almost as good.

  5. The pucker reflex is a WHOLE lot of fun when you’re teaching a jr college biology class! I make them all do it at the same time so no one is clued in to how nasty it really is! A roomful of puckerface is SO hilarious.

    I really love your conversations with Cait. You two are so in sync with each other it’s very heartwarming to read about.

    Oh my gawd, I’m cracking up just thinking about a room full of puckerfaces! Oh to be a science teacher — I could have so much fun! 

  6. Caffienated Cowgirl

    I love it! I completely understand the not-so-kid-like comment…I was that kid too.

    Good to know I have a fellow not-so-kid-like compatriot among my readers. :) 

  7. Ooo, what about armpit farts? Can any of them do armpit farts? ;)

    LOL! I forgot all about the armpit farts!!! I’ll have to ask her. 

  8. jenn in holland

    And I am back to say, thanks for stopping by my Emma’s site to read and say something. She is going to be tickled that she has a comment. Yahoo!

    Happy to support a budding writer! :) 

  9. jenn in holland

    Ewwww… I say making the pucker face.
    My brothers could burp the alphabet. And they did spit tricks. Ick.

    Love the conversation. It’s HILARIOUS.

    I think there’s a rule somewhere about brothers and burping the alphabet… :) 

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