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Okay, so this shoebox of books I keep in my car isn’t technically a Kindle, but for me it serves the same purpose.  Aside from the fact that my shoebox only holds around six books vs Kindle’s 1,500, it does provide a serviceable selection of reading material at a moment’s notice.

With all the waiting I do for Cait from after-school sports these days, I’m always sitting around with time to spare.  Having a handy book helps pass the time.

Actually, truth be told, I’d love a Kindle. The advantages would be numerous for me — no more rooms full of book shelves, lots of trees saved, all the information I need on one device…

But, alas, the types of books I read (primarily nonfiction resource-type books) aren’t readily available yet.

So Amazon, Google, and B&N, would ya hurry it along and catch up already!

5 thoughts on “My Kindle”

  1. My kindle? CD books from the library. I’ve learned to get two now, in case the first one is a dud. But nowadays I wait for the children listening to a book… and traffic has become wonderful!

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