Saved by My Dogs

I was in the middle of a really frustrating dream in which I had an important meeting to get to and this well-meaning but bothersome person was causing me more and more problems. Just as I was about to lose it, a big, wet, dog tongue came into the dream and slurped my face. Then another. And another. Until, in the dream, I was laughing so hard that I woke myself up.

Both Kiera and Graidy were huddled on top of me, licking away. I must have been making distress sounds, because that’s the only time during my sleep that they do this.

What a great thing to be woken up from a bad dream to the sound of my own laughter, with my two dogs laying on top of me, staring into my face, saying, You’re fine, we’re here. Now how about we get up and play!

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