I’m finally at the end of my gardening season. Harvesting is complete and garlic for next year has been planted. As I ready the rest of my beds for next season with weeding and composting, Finn is having a field day! Imagine his excitement at seeing pristine rows of dirt all fluffy and ready for his “deposits!”

Don’t get me wrong–I love Finn. I just don’t love the potential health problems his natural cat behaviors present for my garden. And, as I am in a ferocious problem-solving mode, I’ve decided to foil Finn once and for all!

At first, a simple thick straw mulch worked well enough. But not for long. So I moved on to this wire fencing I had laying around. I just unrolled it over the garden and, instant-presto, permanent cat deterent! Now Finn won’t even walk over my garden, never mind dig.

Screen to prevent cats from using garden as litter box. And we all lived happily ever after. Okay, at least I did… : )