Resource-Guarding Cats?

FinnWatching Finn dig into some of his favorite wet food, it occurred to me that I’ve never seen a cat resource-guard. Could just be my limited cat experience, or just that as a rule I’ve been lucky with the cats I’ve had. Worst cases were former feral cats who would simply withdraw from the food and wait for me to leave. But no growls or bites or claws directed at me.

Then again, cats are not the tight social species that dogs are. They don’t normally share their food source (mice are single-serving, I believe).

I’ve seen cats refuse to let other cats near them while they were eating from a communal food bowl (and I’ve seen cats who cheerfully shared). But still, nothing directed at humans. What’s the experience of those here? Are there cats that resource-guard with humans?

Idle minds would like to know…

1 thought on “Resource-Guarding Cats?”

  1. Cats who’ve been out on the street or for some reason had limited access to food or had to fight for their share will resource guard their food. But it’s no where near as common as it is in dogs.

    And why do I have a hard time believing that your mind is ever idle! : )

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