I’ve Created Two Monsters

Because both Wink and Finn need to take (multiple) pills twice a day every day, and opening their mouths (especially Finn’s) to get said pills down their throats is a nightmare, I’ve resorted to hiding the pills in whatever (safe) people food is left from our meals. I know. I know. Slippery slope. Yes, I now have two merciless beggars.

cat and dog sitting at table

I cannot lie; Wink was already world-class. He learned it from Kiera, my Aussie who I had to retrain and use some tough love on. Or was it her who retrained me…?

Anyway, it’s not as common for cats to beg as it is for dogs. It may be an indication of an underlying health issue. In Finn’s case, this new behavior may be related to his hyperthyroid condition. Even though he eats several times throughout the day, he still acts as though he’s starving.

There’s lots of information out there as to why we should NOT give our animals human food, and in general, I do subscribe to that. But desperate times require desperate measures. My guys are both in very advanced years and my goal is to make ALL of our lives as manageable and enjoyable as possible.

If you, too, are inclined to share your food (I don’t judge)  make sure you know which human foods are poisonous for dogs. Here’s a list of people foods you should not feed your cat.

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