My Writing Room

writingroom.JPG Fall is my favorite time of year. I love the cool weather and the easing of outdoor chores. I love the light play of the sun on brilliantly colored foliage. I love the crisp smell in the air. There’s a quickening about this time of year that always stirs me. I don’t know why, but Fall also reminds me of my father. Maybe because it was his favorite time of year too.

Today, I had to be inside for the morning to talk to some mentoring clients by phone, but I’ve been able to spend the rest of the day outside. After my gardening and yard chores were done, I brought my computer out and set up shop. It’s been a glorious day– blue skies, billowy clouds, fall colors, a gentle breeze, and the dogs playing zoomies-tag. The hours have flown by with the sound of clickity-clacking keys filling the air. There’s nothing I love more than writing outside — except maybe playing with the dogs outside, or gardening outside, or hiking outside, or sitting by the chimnea roasting marshmallows with Cait outside, or…

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