Flagship issue of New Homesteading MagazineIt’s no secret that I’ve been working toward producing most of my family’s food for the past several years. And while I don’t even come close to qualifying as a real homesteader, I do seem to represent a rapidly growing segment of the gardening population: people who have become extremely conscientious about where and how they get their food. Think locavore on organic fertilizer. You know, those of us who’ve rediscovered the wisdom of the “Victory Garden” of yore and supplement the rest of our food needs with local shopping.

So imagine my delight at being asked to contribute to the first issue of New Homesteading magazine. You can check out my article, What’s the Difference Between Heirloom, Hybrid, and GMO Seeds?, on page 32 of the magazine.

If you have any interest in living closer to the land in a more sustainable and affordable way, I hope you’ll consider ordering yourself a subscription. They’re good folks providing good information. New Homesteading Magazine will help you learn how to make the move from the fast paced urban life, to the simple debt free self-sufficient lifestyle of homesteading.