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For those who’ve read Dogs of Dreamtime, you remember Molly, my deaf Aussie and Kiera’s sister. You probably also remember that I had to rehome Molly because of a deadly sibling rivalry. It was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make for one of my dogs.

I hope you also remember that, with diligence, I was able to find the perfect home for her. Her new owner (of several years now) is legally deaf, and has a completely fenced-in horse farm where she can run safely to her heart’s content with her best friend, Tara’s other dog, a big ol’ German Shepherd. The above right photo is Molly, all grown up, hanging out in the barn waiting for Tara to get her horse saddled, so they can all go for a stroll.

While no one wants to rehome a dog they love, sometimes it’s the best choice, the right choice, for all involved–most especially for the dog. Molly has a fantastic life–far and away better than the life she would have had if I’d kept her. In no small part because she would have always had a limited life here; I would have always had to keep Kiera and Molly separated, creating a kind of limbo life for all of us. Instead, she gets to run free every day and be with her beloved person all day long. What could be better than that?

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  1. I can’t work at shelters for that reason — it breaks my heart and I want to bring every last one of them home. And, like you, I know two is my limit.

  2. That was a very brave decision on your part. Luckily you were able to find somebody who loved Molly as much as you did.

    Being in a university area there are a lot students who adopt puppies and then take them to the shelter when they move out to get a real job. it’s very sad to see. We sometimes go to the shelter to walk the doggies there – it’s always hard not to come back home with them – but 2 is all we can handle right now.

  3. You certainly did the right thing…When I got divorced, I wanted to take my yellow lab and my ex was going to keep the black lab (they were brothers, same litter). However, they had been together their entire lives and it would have broken their hearts to have been separated. I let my beautiful yellow lab go, knowing that I was doing the best for him. *sniff*

  4. Thanks Jen. As I was posting this, I was thinking, Oh no, two controversial topics in a row! Kids’ safety and dogs’ well-being. As my grandmother would say, “Ooh I’ve got the devil in me today!” :)

    It just so happened that Tara’d emailed me this picture of Molly with one of her updates, and I wanted to share that.

    Previous to my experience with Kiera and Molly, I was one of those people who would never have rehomed a dog, and was inclined to judge anyone else who did. A dog is for life, and all that…

    It had to get so bad that, even after my most vigilant training and intervention efforts, I really knew without a doubt that both my dogs’ lives were in jeopardy. There was no other decision I could have responsibly made. Then it was a matter of taking the time to find the person who would love Molly as much as I did and would give her the best life possible.

    On the other hand, like you, Jen, it drives me bonkers when people treat animals as disposable pieces of clothing, and think nothing of dumping their animal in a shelter as soon as it has “inconvenienced” them.

    For me, rehoming was not a first resort, but a last resort, after all else had failed. And, hopefully, with all I’ve learned over the last several years, I will never have to face making that decision again.

  5. Good Job Karen. It takes a strong heart to realize what is best for our critters. Sometimes rehoming is definately the right thing to do.

    My frustration is with people who rehome dogs because they just weren’t prepared for what they were getting into. My “favorite” reason for rehoming a Bullmastiff? (ahem) “We didn’t know it would get that big”…. well DUH!

    Anyway, kudos to you for recognizing what Molly needed and for being selfless enough to allow her to live her best life!

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