Seeking “Smart Dog” Stories

Hey guys, want to make your smart dog famous?  I’m writing a book that will include stories about how dogs demonstrate their intelligence. I’d like to include a story about your Doggy Einstein if you’ve got a good one.

If you think for a moment, I’ll bet you can recall several stories.

To help jog your memory:

Has your dog ever demonstrated uncommon common sense?

Has your dog ever shown cleverness or trickiness in getting its needs met, or in any other way?

Has your dog ever problem-solved in creative ways?

Has your dog ever thought its actions through?

Has your dog ever understood every word you said, even the ones you didn’t teach it, to accomplish your request?

Has your dog ever concocted interesting ways, demonstrating intelligence, to keep itself amused?

Has your dog ever easily outwitted you, or another pet?

Has your dog ever known what you needed before you did?

Does your dog have an amazing internal clock, or a sense of geography/location?

Is your dog an escape artist extraordinaire?

You get the idea.

There is no limit to the number of stories you can submit. Just write from the heart to tell your tale.  If your submission is selected, not only will you get to see your story in print, but you’ll also get to have both your and your dog’s name included at the top of your story.

So get crackin’ and email your stories to me at “Karen at Karen Shanley dot com,” with “Smart Dog” in the subject line. If I think I can use your story, I’ll be in touch with further details.

Please feel free to copy and cross post to dog lists and dog friends.


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9 thoughts on “Seeking “Smart Dog” Stories”

  1. Caffienated Cowgirl

    Oh, my dog Fly was a brilliant Border Collie and first-rate cowdog. I will try to do justice to him and send you a story via email.

  2. Our dog’s pretty smart. She gets to sleep inside, eat delicious food, run around the yard, and never has to do any chores. Smarter than me, I have to work for a living.

    That being said, my dog is really great. Whenever Mr Chiot’s is gone traveling she sleeps on my side of the bed. If I close the door she sleeps right in front of it. If Mr Chiot’s is home, she sleeps in her bed in the living room. We also taught her sign langauge for commands and she rings a bell when she wants to go outside.

    I’ll have to see if my friend would like to tell you about her dog. When he husband was killed, her dog knew and was a huge comfort to her because of the way he understood what she was going through.

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