Signs, Signals, Omens: Interpreting the Language of the Universe

Signs, signals, and omens are the universe’s way of communicating with us. By paying attention and interpreting these messages, we can navigate life with greater awareness and insight. Whether it’s through a personal sign, a general trend, or a spiritual encounter with nature, these experiences remind us that we are not separate from the universe but a part of its intricate web.

Each carries its own weight and message, often guiding us through the unseen energy fields that connect all things. Understanding these messages can be a profound exercise in spiritual awareness and intuition.


A sign is like a whisper from the universe, often a physical manifestation that echoes something within our own energy field. It’s a moment of synchronicity where the inner and outer worlds align. For instance, you might think of a friend you haven’t seen in years, and suddenly, you receive a message from them. This isn’t just a coincidence; it’s a sign, a meaningful intersection of thought and physical reality.

Signs are often short-lived and require individual interpretation each time they appear. Even familiar signs must be considered within the context of the present moment. For example, if you frequently find dimes in your path, it could be a gentle reminder from the universe about small but valuable changes in your life.


An omen, on the other hand, is a sign that has been codified, often with a touch of superstition. It’s the black cat crossing your path that some interpret as bad luck. Omens carry a collective meaning passed down through generations, and while they may hold some validity, relying solely on them can disconnect us from the present energy field. Instead of reading the sign anew, we fall back on memory, which can be a lazy way to engage with the natural world.


A signal is a call to action, a green light from the universe that says, “Go ahead, start now.” It comes after you’ve observed the signs, checked in with your inner knowning, and received an urge to move forward. For example, if you’re considering a new project and suddenly opportunities begin to align—like meeting the right people at the right time—that’s a signal to initiate your plans.

Exercise: Interpreting Signs, Omens, and Signals

Consider the act of driving. If an animal runs out in front of your car, take it as a sign to slow down. This immediate response can prevent harm, serving as a clue to be more cautious or aware. It’s a sign that can be used with wisdom to avert unwanted outcomes.

To interpret signs:

Notice what’s happening around you, both in the energy field and its physical manifestation.
Ask yourself, “What is this a sign of?” Consider the context of your life and the broader symbolism of what you’ve encountered.

For example, encountering several dead birds might prompt you to consider what birds represent—freedom, the air, and thoughts. Are these birds signaling a loss of freedom or a need to pay attention to your thoughts?

Personal Signs vs. General Signs

Personal signs require individual interpretation. If you hit three red lights in a row, it might be a sign of upcoming interruptions or frustrations. This personal sign helps you adjust your expectations for the day.

General signs reflect the energy of the world or the day. Observing how people are driving on any given day can give you insight into the collective energy field.

Spiritual Engagement with Nature and Animals

Our encounters with animals and nature are part of a larger conversation with the organism that is Earth. When we’re in a clean state, we encourage daily connections with the natural world. For instance, robins appearing in winter might indicate an imbalance in the Earth’s energy field, disrupting their migratory patterns.

Engaging spiritually with nature fosters a sense of oneness and compassion. It becomes inconceivable to harm that with which we feel so deeply connected.

Distinguishing an Energy Field from a Panic Response

It’s important to differentiate between a genuine energy field and a panic response to an expectation. By being gentle with the energy field and doing internal work, we can understand what we’re reacting to.

Being in harmony with Earth’s field and the universal field is crucial. It influences where we live, what we do, and who we are with. This harmony allows us to feel at home without the need for drastic changes in our lives.



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