Spiritual Unified Theory of Everything 

Q: Is there a spiritual unified theory of everything?

The challenge with the question you are trying to resolve is that there is no language to adequately explain this. There is no representation that can work because all representations are bounded. You are looking for a theory of everything that explains your enlightenment experience in a way that lines it up with your waking experience.

You wish to understand what weaves it all together. “What allows it all to exist? Is it all sharing the same time-space?” Again, these are limited concepts that are bounded. And so therefore can never provide a complete understanding or answer.

Eastern religions and philosophies determine that the fastest path to enlightenment is denial and withdrawal. Deny this reality. Withdraw from this existence. If you do not participate, your brain cannot send signals to verify the validity of this reality.

It is a way of shifting consciousness that requires very specific practices that most in the West would consider extreme. It can be done, and you have done it in less extreme ways. But “reality” always flickers back into the picture for you because you don’t completely deny and withdraw.

The emphasis for you is not that. But to place the emphasis on remembering the experience that is greater beyond all of this, while experiencing this.

Similar to air being everywhere. But we don’t pay attention until we can’t breathe. Or until other information transmitted in the air impacts the body. Such as temperature, air currents, moisture, and so on.

The task is to focus on keeping an expanded consciousness.

 Q: I’m trying to get better at remembering that I was once connected to the All-That-Is. Do you have any suggestions?

Make it a practice to continually shift your perspective.

The human mind is designed to lock onto concepts and then turn them into an agreed-upon reality. We focus our attention on close up—on what is impacting the immediate environment. The immediate thought. The immediate emotion. This is hardwired. So that the body can respond quickly to impending circumstances.

But if one were to shift the perspective from near to far… You are here. In this room. Now, go out. You are in this town. Go out further. In this state. In this country. On this planet. Circling the sun. In this solar system. In this Galaxy. And so on and so on.

Do this as often as you can. See and feel that you are hurtling through space at vast speeds, covering great distances with each moment that passes. When your focus is you sitting here, you have no sensation or awareness of that.  But as soon as you shift awareness, the consciousness begins processing different information. Different ways of perceiving.

The consciousness has to expand to take in the larger concept. Which begins pushing you out. Expanding one past the limitations of the physical body.

Doing this on a regular basis keeps the awareness expanded and permeable. Allowing senses to take in different and more information, changing how one views and experiences reality.

 Q: Is that what drugs do also? Psychedelic drugs? 

Some have the effect of working to shut down neural pathways to limit information being processed. Some expand and push beyond the limitation of the brain and the mind and the body so a greater reality can be witnessed and experienced.

Because of the linear way human reality is structured, there isn’t an easy way for one to experience multiple dimensions in normal consciousness.

 Q: The idea of thinking about ourselves as above or beyond the earth, beyond the sun, beyond the Galaxy.  That makes it seem to me like life here on this planet is just a screenshot of what’s a much, much bigger thing. So ,I’m wondering, why are we trapped in time? 

You are not trapped in time.

 Q: Why does it seem like we are? 

That has become the agreed-upon reality.

The more one is removed from one’s senses and their ability to take in and perceive through the senses, the more one relies on what others think and say.

 Q: So we become dense.  

True. This denseness perpetuates an extreme deficit of self-reliance on one’s own senses.

Simply by the use of language, one can be talked into or out of believing nearly anything. Including causing physiological responses in the body to circumstances that don’t exist. Experiences that are not happening. There are many examples of this.

This is what happens when watching movies. There is nothing happening in the room. There are flickers of patterns and sounds occurring on a screen. The brain organizes them into pictures and words.  But in reality, nothing real is happening. And yet the body can feel sad or scared or excited by nothing.

Humans have been trained not to trust their inner receptors but instead to trust from the outside.  This is why there is great value in actively avoiding what is not real. What comes from the screen. What is created outside of oneself.

The idea is to exist more purely in nature. And to pay attention. To continually play with resetting focus. This would cause healthy stimulation of the senses. To allow for reconnecting with multiple ways of receiving information.

To go back and answer Student X’s question, one does not need to deny, to achieve enlightenment. But for someone else who does not have a strong working intuitive ability, it is an easier way.   Because she can have these experiences to know, she sees that it can be done.

 Q: If it’s not necessary, then what are the other ways to do it? 

There has been a misunderstanding through the ages that intuition is a distraction from the spiritual path. That it traps people in phenomenological experiences. That they will get distracted by those and forget the spiritual path.

While it is true that some would become distracted or caught in power or ego traps. That comes from a misunderstanding of what intuition is and what it should be used for, which can cause people to get stuck there. When trained properly, those would not be automatic stages. In fact, they are not normal.

Intuition helps expand consciousness, which makes it exponentially easier to understand how it all works. It is time that intuition is used properly in unison with a spiritual path. It is an accelerator. Not a detractor.

If someone pursues intuition for intuition’s sake, there are many ways to get lost. But if one pursues intuition to know God, it’s one of the quickest, surest paths to enlightenment.

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