12 thoughts on “The Fruits of My Labor”

  1. do you know how I can keep some of my berries for myself? 2 years ago I had tons. Last year some birds would eat them all before they really got ripe :-(  Any suggestions for me?

    John Hunter’s last blog post..Pigs Instead of Pesticides

    John, the only deterrent I know of that works is the good old-fashioned bird netting.

  2. Mountain Dweller

    That’s some garden you’ve got there and must mean quite a lot of work. Hope the fruits of your labour are as good as they look!

    They are so very good. Makes it all worth it. :) 

  3. It must be so rewarding to grow your own fruits. I wish I could do something like that but I know they wouldn’t last a week with me!

  4. YUM! I would love to have a little orchard like yours someday, everything looks so tasty and healthy. I love your garden set up too. Very cool.

  5. You’ve done something I’l like to try; Raised beds! What kind of cherry?

    I have to use raised beds because I have heavy clay soil. It’s great for our lawn which never ever burns out, but not great for my veggies. It’s a Lambert Cherry.

  6. Yum! That fruit looks so delicious. The fruit we find in the grocery store isn’t usually very good since we’re not really known for fruit around here. Now I’m even more hungry for cherries and raspberries.

  7. Thank you the recent visit and comment on my blog. Your fruits and the pictures of your fruits are beautiful.

    I have been looking around your site and links. Your dogs are very handsome; my parents had two Shetland sheep dogs. Your book looks quite interesting.

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